Cookies policy

What are cookies and what do we use them for?

A cookie or computer cookie is a small information file that is saved on your computer, "smartphone" or tablet each time you visit our website. In principle, a cookie is harmless: it does not contain viruses, Trojans, worms, etc. that may damage your terminal, but it does have a certain impact on your right to the protection of your personal data, since it collects certain information concerning you (browsing habits, identity, preferences, etc.). That is why, based on the provisions of the applicable regulations (LSSI and current regulations on the protection of personal data), the activation of certain types of cookies will require your prior authorization. Through a step as simple and quick as checking a box, you can give your authorization for the activation of the cookies you want. Cookies can be of various types depending on their purpose:

  • The technical cookies are necessary for our website to function, they do not require your authorization and they are the only ones that we have activated by default.
  • The rest of cookies can be used to improve our page, to study the navigation of web visitors, improve the functionality of the page, etc. We have these disabled by default, your authorization being necessary prior to activation.
  • What type of cookies can we use on our website?
  • Technical Cookies: are those that, for example, allow us to identify you, give you access to certain restricted parts of the page if necessary, or remember different options or services already selected by you, such as your privacy preferences . Therefore, they are activated by default, and your authorization is not necessary in this regard.
  • Analysis Cookies allow us to study the navigation of users of our website in general (for example, which sections of the page are the most visited, which services are used the most and if they work correctly, etc.) . In this way, we can improve both the operation of the page itself and the different services it offers. Therefore, these cookies do not have an advertising purpose, but only serve to make our website work better, adapting to our users in general. By activating them you will contribute to this continuous improvement.

You can activate or deactivate these cookies by checking the corresponding box, being deactivated by default.

  • Functionality and Personalization Cookies: allow you to remember your preferences, to customize certain features and general options of our website to your needs, each time you access it (for example, the language in which you are presents the information, your browser type, etc.). Therefore, these types of cookies do not have an advertising purpose, but by activating them you will improve the functionality of the web page, which will contribute to the ease, usability and comfort of our page during your navigation. You can activate or deactivate these cookies by checking the corresponding box, being deactivated by default.