Purchase options

At GENERIS ELECTRONICS we sell a wide variety of industrial electronic components with four purchase options shown below. You can choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget.


The product is supplied in its original packaging and includes all the accessories that came in the original packaging. These components have never been used, however the original seals could be damaged or the box open.


All refurbished components have been cleaned, serviced/repaired, tested and bench verified to ensure reliability. They have a 12-month warranty included in the sale price (See "Terms and conditions"). These pieces are fully functional, but may have cosmetic blemishes.


The exchange option is available for some references. Just send us your faulty equipment and we'll send you a refurbished unit within 24-48 hours; This option allows you to reduce downtime and also benefits from excellent value for money. If needed, we can send you the refurbished unit before we receive your faulty one. In this case, you need to pay the supply option price and as soon as we receive yours, we refund the difference. No refund will be made if the defective unit is not repairable or has been previously tampered with. All shipping costs will be assumed by the customer.


Our standard repair time is 15 working days. We suggest that you consult us so that we can offer you a term that is as adjusted as possible to your needs and the equipment to be repaired. Our repairs include a 6-month warranty. If we cannot repair your equipment, the customer can request, if they wish, the return of the equipment, with the cost of shipping at their expense. Equipment not picked up/claimed by the customer within 30 days of repair confirmation and for which the repair has not been paid for, is considered abandoned equipment and is either scrapped or managed by Generis Electronics.